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About Lovewriting


“Lovewriting – bringing new authors and readers together”

Lovereading and Lovereading4kids are widely recognised, in the book trade and beyond, as an established source of guidance to help readers choose their next book.

Over 200,000 avid readers have signed up to these sites to receive regular email news and book recommendations in their book genre of choice. They also benefit from bespoke online guidance tools such as Opening Extracts of Featured Books and a unique Author Like-for-Like service.

So powerful a force has Lovereading become that many authors have approached us to ask us if we can help them promote their books online. In response to this demand, and for a relatively small fee, offers authors guidance on how to get their book published and the chance to showcase their book in an environment where readers are actively browsing for books.

In this way, Lovewriting acts as an online library of new and independently published books just waiting for readers to discover them - plus the facility to select books by different authors and purchase them in one online basket.

 If you are one of the following, then you may find Lovewriting is the answer for you:

Independently Published Authors

Whereas publishing your own book is now easier than ever before, there remains the tricky business of letting the world know about it, and persuading people to buy it. Lovewriting offers independent authors ways of promoting your book to over 200,000 Lovereading subscribers and all the other readers who browse the Lovewriting online library

Lovewriting benefits to independently published authors:

  • create your own micro website (no need to develop your own)
  • more 'searchability' than an individual site > higher up the rankings
  • more informative book profile - synopsis, front cover, author photo and author biography
  • readers can download and read an Opening Extract of your book
  • details of your book to be may be emailed to our subscribers
  • Payment systems make it easier for readers to buy your book*

In all, Lovewriting makes it easy for customers to view, sample and purchase your book.

*    Provided the book fulfils certain requirements i.e. it has an ISBN, is available to order
    via Gardners our distribution agent.

Unpublished Authors

Publishing is an increasingly competitive business. Publishers are more and more ruthless about which books they will accept. So growing numbers of authors are turning to forms of self-publishing, where the author pays for their book to be printed and retains complete control of the process, including deciding on the benefits of print or download options - or both.

There are a number of options available in terms of independent publishers. One of these is  Matador who have kindly allowed Lovewriting to feature some of their guidance material.
The decision on which independent publisher to use is entirely up to you, the author.

To find out what the publishing process involves, download Lovewriting’s Guide To Publishing as a PDF document.

To find out what self-publishing involves, download Lovewriting’s Guide To Self-Publishing with Matador as a PDF document.

To find out more about eBooks, download a Guide to eBook Publishing and Distribution as a PDF here.


If you can't find the book you want to read next in your local supermarket, Lovewriting showcases new writing talent across a range of genres. You will be able to:

  • Search books by genre - just click on your favourite and start browsing!
  • Imagine you are in your local library and see what books you can discover
  • Read free Opening Extracts to taste writing styles of independent authors
  • Discover the next great author in your genre of choice
  • Buy exciting new books in either print or download format or both


The People behind

Peter CrawshawPeter Crawshaw
Co-founder & Director


My great loves in life, aside from my wife and three sons, are technology and books. These two passions have come together nicely with Lovereading, where we use the best of the net, and the best people, to make choosing books a joy. When I was seven I read The Hobbit, which really kick-started my reading life. Now I sometimes take a longer route to work just to fit in a few more pages of whatever novel I’m absorbed in. I love good crime fiction like Greg Isles or Peter Temple but, unsurprisingly, I now read a wide variety of fiction because of the day job. Before starting Lovereading with Louise and Hugh, I worked for more than 15 years in some large companies, as well as running my own marketing consultancy. Probably most useful to my work now were the five years I spent at Book Club Associates.

Louise WeirLouise Weir
Co-founder & Director


My love of reading only really began in my early teens; before this I was busy trying to be different from my bookworm sister. But when I discovered what I was missing out on I wasted no time in devouring every book I could find, from action and adventure to more girly fiction. I’ll be the first to admit that high-brow literature isn’t for me. Since setting up Lovereading I’ve become a huge fan of ‘tween’ and teen fiction. There are so many brilliant stories, and with two daughters of this age I’m able to suggest authors they might enjoy. I’ve spent almost 20 years in the book publishing/retailing industry working in some of the top five publishing houses in the UK, and have been responsible for launching many, now internationally famous, authors in the adult’s and children’s market.

Hugh SalmonHugh Salmon


I’ve always loved reading, but I seem to have two problems. The first is I can only read when I’m able to give a book my undivided attention i.e. the rare occasions when my two sons and my daughter are out, and the TV is switched off. The other is time. I find it frustrating to read a couple of pages of a book, put it down, then pick it up again later to read a couple more. And if I read before bed I always seem to nod off and lose my place. But recently I’ve discovered a new trick. My favourite genres on Lovereading are literary/contemporary and biography/autobiography. So I save the novels for when I can give them my absolute undivided attention, and I listen to the biographies and autobiographies on audiobook. My career background is in major multinational advertising agencies and for a time I managed O&M Thailand, the biggest agency in Asia outside Japan. In 1999 I founded my own advertising agency, eponymously named The Salmon Agency, and one of our clients was the publisher Hodder Headline, which is how I met Louise.


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