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Despite inheriting the torment gene that ran through both my parents, I’ve lived the good life. A wonderful wife and three strong, independent children didn’t stop me drinking too much and arguing much the same way however. At present I am studying for a Diploma in Creative Writing with the University of Oxford. I have always lived in and around Wantage, a peaceful down-land market town on the edge of the Berkshire downs.

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  • Salt of Their Blood by Gerald Wixey Salt of Their Blood

    Gerald Wixey
    Price: £7.99

    A tribute to my father. A short tempered rogue, raconteur, ex-boxer and a man who I knew would put his head through a brick wall to defend his family. In fact thinking about it, he did just that a couple...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 01/10/2011

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Other Books by Gerald Wixey

  • 4 Bones Sleeping

    4 Bones Sleeping

    Gerald Wixey

    Price: £7.19 - Saving 1.80 (20%)

    The book switches between post-war London and a small market town in Oxfordshire. A London club full of outrageous characters, spivs, extortionists, con-men & ladies of the night. This contrasts starkly with a rural backwater, where it's all wide lawns...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 23/11/2012

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  • Salt of Their Blood

    Salt of Their Blood

    Gerald Wixey

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    Ecstasy, revenge and a murderer on the loose in a small town all drive a young man s obsession to find out the truth, whatever the cost... Stuart's feckless life suddenly comes into sharp focus as he begins a sweeping,...
    Format: eBook  -  Released: 01/08/2011

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