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Mick Rooney has been self-publishing his books since 1990. He has written numerous articles on the publishing industry and self-publishing which have appeared in many magazines. He is editor, researcher and publishing consultant for his website and author resource at, which provides news, service reviews and advice.

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  • Memory of Trees

    Memory of Trees

    Mick Rooney

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    The Memory of Trees is the story of Carlos, a shepherd boy, who travels from his beautiful home in Cyprus, following in the footsteps of Saint Paul into the Middle East and along the road to Damascus. Experiencing unbearable loss...
    Format: eBook  -  Released: 18/03/2016

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  • Filigree & Shadow

    Filigree & Shadow

    Mick Rooney

    Price: £16.40 - Saving 4.10 (20%)

    Filigree & Shadow is a journey and a quest into the imagination and the soul. It is a picture painted on a canvas and explored with every perception and sensation. You will be challenged to stand close to the canvas...
    Format: Hardback  -  Released: 25/11/2008

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  • Academy


    Mick Rooney

    Price: £14.80 - Saving 3.70 (20%)

    An extraordinary journey into fiction, surrealism, and some of the greatest artist and innovators of the past. Leonardo Buonarroti works as a clerk for the region's Academy. The Academy is an all-controlling, totalitarian government ruling in every aspect of a...
    Format: Hardback  -  Released: 03/05/2008

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