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"Married with two young boys, I am a medical doctor working in General Practice and radiotherapy in the West Country.

I was born in West Germany in 1963, to a German mother and an English father and grew up in England. I studied medicine in London, during which time I worked for some months in an Arab Hospital in Israel at the start of the first Intifada. After finishing my registration year as a doctor in 1989, I gained experience in various specialties before settling down as a partner in General Practice in the South West of England in 1992. For many years now I have also worked once a week in the radiotherapy department of our local District hospital. I am married to a civil engineer whose love of the wilderness and sea-kayaking has taken us for weeks at a time into the wilderness of Alaska, Scotland, and my husband, to Chile. We have two gorgeous sons, aged ten and twelve who keep us on our toes! My passions include music: I was once a member of the Southampton Youth Orchestra and still, when time allows, I love to play piano and cello.

As a family we enjoy walking, cycling, swimming, kayaking, reading, theatre, listening to and making music.

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