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Austin Clark was born in Lancaster and qualified in Medicine and Surgery at St. Thomas’s Hospital, London. He held a Medical post in the department of Psychological Medicine which features in Shadows & Mockery. He has spent many years Researching English Plantagenet and Tudor History. He lives in Wiltshire. Shadows & Mockery is his debut novel.

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  • Shadows & Mockery A Ghost Story by Austin Clark Shadows & Mockery A Ghost Story

    Austin Clark
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    A few years ago an article in one of the daily newspapers (I forget which one) caught my eye, because it reported the intention to investigate Hampton Court Palace to establish whether the “Haunted” Gallery really might be haunted. Someone...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 20/06/2013

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  • Shadows & Mockery

    Shadows & Mockery

    Austin Clark

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    London 1972. Are ghosts really haunting Hampton Court Palace? Dr. Simon Carlisle is commanded to find outThe Queen's Gallery at Hampton Court Palace is known as the 'Haunted' Gallery. Two visitors collapse there during a guided tour. One dies shortly...
    Format: eBook  -  Released: 01/05/2013

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