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Trevor Gibbons has worked as a research scientist, university lecturer, management consultant and IT manager in an oil company. He has travelled widely, including overland from Saudi Arabia to Nepal, and spent much of his career abroad, including Canada, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He is currently a Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics.

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  • The Mandrake Assignment by Trevor Gibbons The Mandrake Assignment

    Trevor Gibbons
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    The book is firmly placed within the spy thriller genre but is completely contemporary in the context of current preoccupations of Western intelligence, namely the risks of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda gaining access to nuclear technology. Much of the...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 01/07/2013

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  • Mandrake Assignment

    Mandrake Assignment

    Trevor Gibbons

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    The Mandrake Assignment is a spy thriller with an intriguing plot - full of twists and turns worthy of the best of the genre. Within the broad themes of tragedy, treachery and revenge, the story weaves together intelligence activities against...
    Format: eBook  -  Released: 01/07/2013

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