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Where Are The Prophets - A Book About Faith and PoliticsWhere Are The Prophets - A Book About Faith and Politics

Terry Wynn

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Why I wrote this book


In an age of secularisation, why should people care if their politicians have a faith or not? In this book, the author looks at what motivates politicians, and whether faith can and should play a part in that.


Methodist Recorder: "This fascinating book conveys the journey of faith that many make... his stories remind us of the price and value of our democracy"

About the Author

Terry Wynn After leaving school at 16, Terry joined the Merchant Navy, leaving 12 years later as a qualified Chief Engineer. Coming from a non-religous family his faith developed alongside his politics. He became a Member of the European Parliament in 1989, the same year that he was accepted into the Methodist Church as a Local Preacher. 17 years in the European Parliament saw him become one of the most respected Parliamentarians, and Chairman of the powerful Budgets Committee. As someone whose faith developed he discovered an array of attitudes to faith from the cross-section of European politicians he worked with, and began to ask if faith actually plays a role in the making of decisions and, if it does, what difference does it make? His previous book "Onward Christian Socialist" was an attempt to set out his theology in relation to politics. This time he explores the different individuals who have influenced him.

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Terry Wynn



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12th January 2007

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