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Salt of Their BloodSalt of Their Blood

Gerald Wixey

  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Crime/Whodunit
  • Provocative Prose

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Why I wrote this book

A tribute to my father. A short tempered rogue, raconteur, ex-boxer and a man who I knew would put his head through a brick wall to defend his family. In fact thinking about it, he did just that a couple of times. Also a fond remembrance of my first twenty four years in this world. Pleasure was everywhere and apparently, common sense nowhere.

Anyone fascinated by the politics of relationships will be hooked. I mean anything from the dynamics of children running wild in the playground, to the more perfidious aspects of adult liaisons. Especially the darkly illicit world of lovers, criminals, hypocrites and gossips. I adore writing about strong women. Ones that drive their lovers to the point of obsession and exhaustion so that he is incapable of making rational decisions. Confused and ensnared in a bond of irresistible desire. The men get led, apparently willingly, into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. We often do what they suggest and it ends in ... infidelity, a robbery, or even the occasional murder. Ideal for night owls.

If you enjoy books by Alan Furst, Colin Harrison or Ian Rankin you should enjoy this.


Stuart's feckless life suddenly comes into sharp focus as he begins a sweeping, illicit love affair with Kathy. The lovers are reckless, indiscreet and hopelessly in love. But all the time Stuart is haunted by events from twelve years earlier. As a young boy, he had watched a dark love affair blossom between his uncle and Shirley, Kathy's mother-in-law. The scandalous affair somehow becomes the trigger for two apparently unconnected incidents. First Stuart hears the screams of a mechanic as a five ton bus comes crashing down on his head in what the coroner described as a dreadful accident. Within a couple of weeks, Stuart's best friend disappeared and from that moment on, he always believed that there was a connection between his friend vanishing and the mechanic's death. Twelve years later and a chance encounter with the dead mechanic's wife, confirms his long held suspicions of a connection between these incidents. Just to complicate things further, Kathy is the sister of his missing friend and the wife of a man he's hated for most of his life. Unbeknown to Stuart, the cuckolded man not only knows a lot about the events from twelve years ago, he's well aware of his wife's amour as well. When the body of his friend is found, Stuart suddenly realises that their affair is about to end like a violent Greek tragedy. Salt of Their Blood is an epic story by a new author about a tempestuous, dark and very modern love affair.

About the Author

Gerald Wixey Despite inheriting the torment gene that ran through both my parents, I’ve lived the good life. A wonderful wife and three strong, independent children didn’t stop me drinking too much and arguing much the same way however. At present I am studying for a Diploma in Creative Writing with the University of Oxford. I have always lived in and around Wantage, a peaceful down-land market town on the edge of the Berkshire downs.

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312 pages


Gerald Wixey


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

1st October 2011

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