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A Matter of Life and DeathA Matter of Life and Death

Paul Carroll

  • Literary/Contemporary

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Why I wrote this book

Anyone who’s been to a funeral, had to plan one, is aware of society’s changing tastes from ‘stiff upper lip’ to ‘celebration of life.’ This book is for anyone who is going to die in the future - what sort of a send off do you want? In an age where everybody wants to be famous for fifteen minutes after they’re dead, the question is, has today’s society gone too far with its choreographed lamentation? Anyone interested in commerce, media, social media, marketing or politics will find resonance with the novel as well as readers who just like a good page turner served up with a dash of humour.

When asked Which three authors’ work would you compare your writing to? Paul said 'Evelyn Waugh, John Braine and David Lodge'.


When advertising maverick Farren Mortimer sets up AMOLAD to bring the funeral business into the 21st century his ideas capture the public's attention as he cashes in on the new zeitgeist of conspicuous public mourning. Appointed as the government's 'bereavement czar' it looks as if Mortimer can't put a foot wrong as he single-handedly puts the 'fun' into funerals. But commercialising death isn't without its problems; not everybody gives 'Mr Eulogy' and his slick marketing techniques their blessing. But who wants to bury Mortimer the most? Is it the anarchist graffiti street artist who has made AMOLAD a particular target for his ire? The self-seeking road safety campaigner with designs on Mortimer as well as his money? The award-seeking journalist who smells a BAFTA? Or someone much closer to home? As the government's inaugural 'People's Remembrance Day' bank holiday date approaches, will it be redemption or requiem for Mortimer? A Matter of Life and Death is an intelligent, humorous and fast-moving exploration of values and motives in today's reality TV age: society's 'mourning sickness', the power of marketing, media cynicism, anonymity as fame and the influence of Twitter. A Matter of Life and Death, where each chapter is headed with a song that could be played at a funeral, will appeal to adult fiction readers and fans of satire and black comedy - it picks up where Evelyn Waugh's The Loved One left off.

About the Author

Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll has been drawn to ink and the written word for as long as he can remember. Born and bred in Leeds, Paul crossed the Pennines in the mid-70s to study English Language and English Literature at the University of Manchester, embarking, around the same time, on his first ‘serious’ editorial venture, rock fanzine, Liquorice, which lasted all of five issues before ‘musical’ differences with the other co-founders intervened.

Nevertheless, the experience was invaluable in teaching Paul how to get into concerts for free and how to garner albums for review purposes. It was at this juncture Paul knew he was destined for a career in PR rather than in the more noble art of journalism.

Ten years after starting his career and being inspired by legions of advertising and PR luminaries along the way, Paul set up his own PR consultancy, Communique PR, in Manchester in 1986.

This proved to be a good move, as Communique went on to become one of the most successful PR operations in the UK, and the best fun anyone could have while in paid employ. Communique was as well known for its own PR and creativity as it was for its client work, which is a good thing if you worked there but perhaps less so if you were a client.

Nevertheless, big brand names to work on, an endless succession of awards and countless nights out around the agency’s Canal Street offices meant there were very few dull moments.

PR being a young person’s game, and Paul taking the hint after being awarded the ‘Best Old PR Professional’ accolade from the Public Relations Consultants’ Association, he sold Communique to WPP and exited the business in 2004 after 18 years in charge.

Nowadays Paul, as Zuma011, is working as a freelance marketing and business consultant; he hopes this sounds highly respectable while allowing him a fair degree of flexibility to write.

A Matter of Life and Death is Paul’s first novel, but be warned, he’s already working on his second one.

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304 pages


Paul Carroll


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

1st November 2012

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