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Oh My Giddy Aunt! A Relative ProblemOh My Giddy Aunt! A Relative Problem

Jay Cassie

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Why I wrote this book

Over the years I had told many stories about my eccentric aunt and friends and colleagues kept on nagging me to write them down. So I started to write about them in my magazine I was then asked by readers when they were coming out as a book. This galvanised me to produce Oh My Giddy Aunt!

Oh My Giddy Aunt! harks back to a time when eccentricity was celebrated and villages were communities where everyone knew each other. The local Bobby was a figure who dispensed ‘justice’ with a kindly hand and the Bank Manager knew all his customers by name. The church was the centre of the neighbourhood and people had time for each other. Life was lived at a much slower pace before technology forced its way into people’s lives and set us on the frenetic ‘hamster wheel’ of modern living.

Oh My Giddy Aunt! is a book for the reader who wants make a cup of tea, put on their rose coloured spectacles and take a step back in time where they can chuckle at eccentricity in all its forms without feeling guilty. It will brighten the dullest day and set you reminiscing about the joys and innocence of childhood and the eccentricity of old age.


Who could drown a goldfish or talk directly to God? Use a jigsaw as a template for china restoration? End up in the village millpond? Who planned for future blindness with military precision and sampled many of the different religions? The answer to all these questions was Giddy Aunt Lillian. She made a bank manager carry her money to a rival bank and then checked on their security. She created a pets' graveyard in the back garden, from which she wanted to start a new business. Fairies 'really did exist' at the bottom of her garden and she was the bane of all the churches in the vicinity. She was every child's dream relative but every family's nightmare. Great-aunt Lillian was blissfully unaware of the chaos she left in her wake and was the talk of the village who found her adventures a constant source of gossip. Oh My Giddy Aunt! is set in a gentler time, before the onslaught of health and safety rules and regulations or political correctness. It was a time when eccentricity was celebrated and social services was in its infancy. Today Lillian would be investigated and declared insane - and the family probably would have been advised to put her away. Her niece Jojo was much beleaguered by her unconventional aunt and was often innocently drawn into her schemes, but the magic stayed with Jojo as she went on to write this book - it is narrated from her point of view. The book is a laugh-out-loud read that will appeal to readers over 45 and resonate with anyone who has a quirky relative themselves.


Tony Flood, author of The Secret Potion and My Life With The Stars – Best, Ali and The Panties. and

Bestselling authors have created so many wonderfully unique female characters, but I don't believe they have come up with one quite like the ultra eccentric Aunt Lillian in Jay Cassie's ‘Oh My Giddy Aunt!’ I have greatly enjoyed editing a collection of funny – sometimes hilarious - stories for Jay, and discovering how young schoolgirl Jojo was influenced by her aunt's unshakeable self belief - even when pursuing the most impractical ideas. Her Aunt Lillian could be aggravating, misguided, mischievous, stubborn and sometimes downright impossible as her actions, often based on absurd and illogical reasoning, invariably caused big problems for others. But Jojo found her to be fun, fascinating, inspiring and loveable. She and Jojo certainly had a host of adventures together - and got away with some outrageous 'strokes' in the days before political correctness became a major issue. Jay's passionate retelling of them should both shock and amuse readers of all ages.

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Jay Cassie

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160 pages


Jay Cassie


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

1st January 2013