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Supping with the DevilSupping with the Devil

Richard Elliot-Square

  • Action/Adventure/Spy
  • Crime/Whodunit
  • Mystery/Thriller

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Why I wrote this book

Some years ago I fell victim to an intricately devised scam perpetrated by expert fraudsters who preyed upon my naïveté. I wanted to make capital from the American business I had built from scratch and turned into a valuable fast growing Public Company. Through a network of so-called professional advisors and middlemen I was persuaded to meet up with the smarmy New York based peripheral investment bankers who oiled their way into my life. I was suckered into their dark world of financial duplicity and overwhelming greed that led to my own Nemesis. This is part of my story, I will leave it to you the reader to make your own judgement.....


Despite his initial adamant refusal to cooperate, the newly successful entrepreneur, Nick Adams, is reluctantly coerced into becoming an essential part of the US government agency formed specially to entrap two of the world’s richest and most powerful Mega Tycoons. He is caught up in a spiral of murder, conspiracy, political corruption, sexual abuse and blackmail and is thrown into a nest of unscrupulous venal vipers intent upon fiscal greed at any cost. The secretive complicated plan involving Billions encompasses North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Careless pillow talk brings unwanted attention from darker forces bent on high jacking the meticulously planned financial double cross at whatever cost to anything or anyone that would dare to obstruct their relentless ruthless ambition. Nick is invited to supp with the Devil, it is his choice whether to eat from the proffered long silver spoon.


“Fast, furious, challenging, and very relevant given the climate surrounding banking and finance in this country at this time. An excellent book, a darned good read!”

“Here we have a Machiavellian Puppeteer who uses an X KGB killer who is proficient in killing people with little effort. Murders, sexual abuse, blackmail, conspiracy, US Government agencies all combine to make this a gritty moving book full of intrigue and greed. Richard Elliot–Square’s first faction thriller is brilliantly written from a seed grown from an actual fraud committed on the author some years ago.”

“Full praise to Richard Elliot-Square for writing this remarkable twist of a novel. Mega rich tycoons, political corruption, sexual abuse, murder, blackmail, greed. A Dallas of a read!”

About the Author

Richard Elliot-Square

Former Army Officer Richard Elliot-Square now an entrepreneur, has been involved in international ventures, meeting extraordinary people including billionaires, politicians, bankers, leaders of industry and the inspirational as well as conmen, flakes, and crooks, all of whom have given him the seed capital for the basis of his first novel.

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Paperback / softback
370 pages


Richard Elliot-Square


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Publication date

12th February 2013

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