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A Second Chance for ChristmasA Second Chance for Christmas

Nashin Sadeer

  • Relationship Tales

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Why I wrote this book

The reason I write this story is because I love Christmas and it is the best period of the year. Some of the events are based on my life and the idea is to make people realise that Christmas is magical; everyone should be happy, be reunited with families and friends, and be around love. I think it is important that people enjoy this day, forget about work and nobody should celebrate Christmas alone. 
My goals are to try to make people realise that it is never too late to make things right and be a good person. Life continues and it is always good to make noble deeds to help others as well as finding peace. 
And I also wish to tell people to enjoy each moment in life and seize opportunities when they come. Simple things can become great things. Life is short, and it is a shame to not enjoy it with people we love.
The aim of this book is to make people realise that second chance exists and they have to believe it.


Nathan is a single father with a son named Stefan and works for a well-known company. He was married to a woman named Emily, but she unfortunately died when Stefan was three years old. Torn apart by grief, Nathan was full of remorse, shut himself away and became a work alcoholic. Emily was everything for Nathan; his life, his heart, his wife and the mother of his child. He never thought that one day he would lose her and his life would end up miserable. Nathan has been living his life in sadness, and not realising that he was hurting the most precious thing to him: Stefan.
But this Christmas things are about to change. A young woman, Kate, has come into Nathan’s life and he has fallen in love with her. She’s the first woman he’s dated since Emily’s death. Kate has an important mission that she has to achieve before Christmas. However, the mysterious woman is hiding something from Nathan, and he doesn’t realise who Kate actually is until she reveals her true identity on Christmas Day...

About the Author

Nashin Sadeer Nashin Sadeer was born in England in Epsom, Surrey. He spent all of his childhood and most of his education years in Paris, France, returning to England in 2006. He has been writing stories since he was 10, and enjoys watching films that feed his imagination and inspire new ideas. Nashin is currently a student at London South Bank University.

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320 pages


Nashin Sadeer


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

1st December 2013