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It's NOT a Holiday!It's NOT a Holiday!

Andy N Robinson & Kirsty McGregor

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Why I wrote this book

There are no other books on the market (that we know about) about group travel. Andy N Robinson and Kirsty McGregor have spent almost 20 years between them taking groups on tour to all four corners of the world. It’s NOT a Holiday! is the culmination of their time on the road; leading tours, managing groups and trying to deliver ‘trips of a lifetime’ to people from all walks of life. It not only humorously explains group dynamics but also why tour leaders do the things they do, and how tours really function.
From A to Z, with more than 250 separate categories, they outline the pros and cons of travelling in a group, how to deal with your fellow passengers, how to get the most from your tour and how to survive life on the road.
With real life examples of when things go wrong, amusing anecdotes and a refreshingly honest look at Western tourists abroad, It’s NOT a Holiday! has lessons to learn and pitfalls to avoid for anyone travelling on an organised, or disorganised tour.



Tony Wheeler, Co-Founder of Lonely Planet
Overland and adventure travel has been a way of life for Andy and Kirsty for over 10 years. If there are lessons to be learned about joining a group tour they’ve learnt them, usually the hard way. In one handy A to Z guide they manage to cover almost every problem and pitfall (and a lot of the delights) that joining an adventurous group can throw at you.
Rosie Amber, Author & Book Reviewer, Fleet Life Magazine
"It's Not a Holiday", is a brilliant book all about going on an organised tour with a group of people. It is full of humour and I laughed out loud whilst reading it. Gap years are no longer just for students and taking a tour to far away places has become very popular. The authors of this book have been tour guides and or drivers on such overland tours and are very experienced as shown by the content. If you have ever considered a tour to places like Africa, Asia and South America where you want to see the real people and experience the local sights by driving across the land and eating, living and embracing these cultures then this book is a must. It tells you what to expect and what is expected of you, don't be surprised if it shocks you, forewarned is always forearmed and this way you're more likely to have fun and enjoy the trip.”

About the Author

Andy N Robinson & Kirsty McGregor
Andy grew up in Wiltshire and was educated at King Edward's School, Bath and King Alfred's College Winchester (now the University of Winchester). Ten years ago he decided to travel through Africa on an overland truck...and that really was the end of normality. 
Working as an Overlander, Andy has specialised in long haul trips throughout the Middle East, Iran, India, China, around South East Asia and extensively throughout Latin America. He was even mad enough to drive a 20 year old Ford Fiesta from London to Mongolia through Central Asia for Charity. 
Andy has a fondness for pies, cider, BBQing large chunks of meat, diving in warm waters and is an avid supporter of Swindon Town FC.
Kirsty grew up in Queensland, Australia and has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and International Business. Kirsty worked as an organisational pyschology consultant in her professional career then traded it all in for a life on the road. 
Travelling independently in the Middle East, Kirsty stumbled on the concept of 'overlanding' and has never looked back. For the best part of a decade Kirsty has worked as an Overland Expedition Leader, Driver, Mechanic and Cook throughout Africa, Europe, Central & South East Asia, Central & South America and Australia. 
When not travelling or writing, Kirsty enjoys beach camping, photography, scuba diving, an occasional glass of wine and supporting Australia in any sport.

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328 pages


Andy N Robinson & Kirsty McGregor


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

1st December 2013

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