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Gorbals...and GodGorbals...and God

Hugh Sawers

  • Biography/Autobiography

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Why I wrote this book

As I reflected on the journey I had made, I came to realise that I had a most remarkable story to tell by way of social history as a young Gorbals boy whose life had been tempered by the nature of its struggle against formidable odds.

God’s prevenient grace intervened and I offer my book in testimony to His transforming power in my life.


The most unlikely personal background for the emergence of a Minister of the Church of Scotland is outlined in this book.
It is the story of a determined fight against the besetting poverty of the Gorbals, culminating in the author striving successfully to attain the education that would permit of admission to the Univerity of Glasgow and Trinity College as a Student of Divinity.

About the Author

Hugh Sawers

Gorbals and God is a lively and compelling account of the author’s struggle against the poverty which affected so many Gorbals residents in the mid-1930s until redevelopment occurred in the 1960s.

Hugh Sawers documents with unerring accuracy and insight the trials and challenges he encounters as he grows up. Gorbals and God is his account of how he meets and overcomes the hurdles before him. As well as a biographical tale, it is also a journey from atheism to belief, as Hugh is overwhelmed by a sense of God’s presence in his life and is called to the ministry.

The book is testimony to the truth that we often struggle to overcome acute poverty whilst ignoring the riches which are within our grasp.

Author's date of birth: 22nd October 1934.

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208 pages


Hugh Sawers


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

1st September 2013

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