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Fighting Back Fighting Back

Elizabeth Reilly

  • Biography/Autobiography
  • Self Help

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Why I wrote this book

I wrote this book for two reasons. Partly it was a therapy to help me understand and deal with a painful event and with the treatments I had for chronic pain, and partly because it seemed an interesting story to tell. The driving force behind it was my quest for answers to chronic pain which for four years seemed totally elusive. As the book progressed and my health improved I was able to bring in many light and amusing touches which prevent the story from being a “misery memoir”.  

It is different because it is a unique story – a memoir resulting from an “unusual injury” as I was frequently told. Although I have met people with some similar symptoms to mine, I know of no-one with the same combination of problems as I turned out to have. 

Whilst not a self-help book in any sense I believe there may be some pointers for others with back and/or pelvic pain to research their own problems, which would encourage a reader to buy it. But you don’t have to be in pain to enjoy this very human story of struggle with all its ups and downs, descriptions of holidays and normal life going on despite pain, and of eventual triumph over disaster.


One summer evening in July 2005 the author was going for an evening walk when she climbed over a stile which collapsed under her, leaving her doing the splits across the fence. This unusual event resulted in an injury which caused chronic pain in her groin, pelvis and back as treatment after treatment failed to fix the problem permanently.

An X-ray and an MRI scan showed nothing, yet the pain continued. How would she get the answers to her problems? How would she cure herself enough to get back to the walking she’d loved and lost? Read about the little-known treatments of Rolfing, myofascial release, prolotherapy and InterX therapy alongside more conventional treatments such as physiotherapy and chiropractic.

Laugh out loud as the author endured being stood on and pushed into impossible postures. Share her joys in her good “windows” of health in Austria and Cornwall. Read on to discover the final outcome after the ups and downs, setbacks and triumphs of this engaging and very human story.

About the Author

Elizabeth Reilly Elizabeth Reilly was born in Berkshire. After studying at the Royal Academy of Music she worked briefly as a secretary at the BBC before embarking on a career of teaching music and piano in Hertfordshire, London and Surrey. In 2004, nearing retirement, she moved to Gloucestershire with her second husband, which is the setting for this book. She has a grown-up daughter and son from her first marriage.  Her interests include walking, gardening, reading and music.

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208 pages


Elizabeth Reilly


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

21st January 2014

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