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Communicating with Kids What Works and What Doesn'tCommunicating with Kids What Works and What Doesn't

Stephanie Davies-Arai

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Why I wrote this book

Most parenting advice is based on someone else's ideology and beliefs that we feel pressured to live up to. I felt there was a need for a book based purely on communication principles and skills which any parent can use, no matter what their personal parenting philosophy. I strongly believe that every parent has the right to parent in whatever way they choose and that too much advice just leads to a lack of confidence and trust in ourselves. So, at the risk of adding to that advice, I wanted to write a book which basically says 'do it your way, but here's some information about the difference between what you say to your child and what your child actually hears, which will make it a lot easier.' Read this book if you want to find out how parenting is a much simpler job than it's made out to be by the experts!


Ever wondered why your child gets more upset the nicer you are? Or why your child is always arguing with you, doesn't listen or seems intent on doing the opposite of what you want? Now you no longer have to worry - Communicating with Kids has the answers. This new book explains how so often children are not resisting our messages but the way we are sending them. It demonstrates why some of the ways we communicate lead to exactly the opposite of the behaviour we want, and provides methods to tweak your language and approach so that children are willing to help you. So much of the parenting advice we hear works against a child's developing brain, so this book shows you how to work with it instead - which makes all the difference. Once you understand the difference between what you are saying and what your child actually hears, life with children becomes so much easier. This book is all about communication because apart from that, there's no other advice you need; the best way to bring up your child is to be yourself and do it your way. Communicating with Kids is a book guaranteed to help all parents, whether they veer towards the methods of Penelope Leach or Supernanny, or have never read a parenting book before. It is not based on any parenting ideology, but on genuine experience with a wide range of children. It is a plain-talking book that presents communication methods that work, so parents gain the confidence to be themselves.

About the Author

Stephanie Davies-Arai I am a mother of four and a founding member of a small independent primary school in East Sussex, Lewes New School. I originally trained as a Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) instructor and taught this course for eight years. I designed my own course 'Communicating with Kids' in 2008. I have worked extensively with children in schools and I train both parents and teachers in communication skills. I write a weekly blog for parents and guest blogs for Mumsnet and Mommy Hot Spot.

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208 pages


Stephanie Davies-Arai


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

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4th December 2014

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