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Molly's MouseMolly's Mouse

Michelle Sherwood

  • Children's

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Why I wrote this book

I have had a passion to write for a long time. The story evolved from my own real life experiences. Inspiration came from my daughter when she was 3 years old.

I owned a tiny mouse as a child. I adored my tiny mouse. He had a deformed tail which affected his growth. He was at ease with me and trusted me completely. He would sit in the palm of my hand and let me stroke him without fear.

The dress Molly wears in the book is real and I still have it to this day. The waterfall, a major feature of the story, also exists. My daughter would play by the waterfall and allow her imagination to run wild. The playhouse in the story is real and is still in our garden. The snail featured in the story came from real life experiences too. My daughter would have snail races and would paint their shells with my nail varnish to identify them.

So Molly’s Mouse is a simple magical story, a collage of real life experiences gathered over many years. The story captures the happiness and imagination of children by simply playing in a garden. Parents with small children should buy this book to inspire their children’s imagination and encourage children to read from a very early age. The language is simple and easy.


Three-year-old Molly lives in the countryside with her mum and dad. She loves to be outside, and when her father returns home from a long trip with a golden seed said to grow a lucky plant, she can't wait for it to grow. Weeks go by, and every day she goes out into the garden to care for the growing plant. Molly's parents return from a trip to Paris with another gift for her - a little mouse! She rushes into the garden to introduce 'Mouse' to her new flower, which has grown into a beautiful golden plant. Suddenly it begins to glow and lifts its head up to look at Molly, revealing a face and speaking to her. 'For all your love and care, I am going to grant you three wishes,' says the flower, and Molly can't believe it! In all the excitement, Mouse has escaped. Not wanting to waste one of her wishes on finding her new pet, Molly goes back inside to play with her friends, forgetting about the magical flower. Until she accidentally makes a wish that comes true the next morning...Molly's Mouse is a charming tale that will capture the imagination of children aged 7-11. Easy enough to read through and concentrate on, with beautiful illustrations to accompany the story, it is perfect for anyone who is learning to read and will be relatable to all families.

About the Author

Michelle Sherwood

I was born in Bedfordshire in 1970. A change in my family circumstances when I was 17 meant me having to relocate to Scotland. The change in scenery and lifestyle inspired me to write stories as a hobby. I bought a typewriter and writing became my passion despite dyslexia making me feel useless at school.

I moved back to Bedfordshire and put my writing on hold for many years. My dream was to one day have my books published. The inspiration to rediscover writing came from how my own children loved my stories, which had been written in Scotland all those years ago.

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24 pages


Michelle Sherwood


Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing

Publication date

28th February 2015

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