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Horror / Fantasy / SciFi

Last month's featured books

  • Shadows & Mockery A Ghost Story by Austin Clark

    Shadows & Mockery A Ghost Story

    Austin Clark

    Price: £6.38 - Saving £2.12 (25%)

    London 1972. Are ghosts really haunting Hampton Court Palace? Dr. Simon Carlisle is commanded to find out. The Queen's Gallery at Hampton Court Palace is known as the 'Haunted' Gallery. Two visitors collapse there during a guided tour. One dies...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 20/06/2013

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The month before's featured books

  • Out of Time 2 Raven's Hoard by Gill Jepson

    Out of Time 2 Raven's Hoard

    Gill Jepson

    Price: £6.74 - Saving £2.25 (25%)

    Nate is a young archaeologist who finds himself embroiled in an exciting and, at times, terrifying adventure involving smugglers, Vikings and treasure hunters. He comes face to face with a real 18th century revenue man and his betrothed, Dolly. They...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 01/11/2012

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About this genre

Whether it’s blood-curdling tales of horror or mind-stretching adventures at the edges of the universe, Lovewriting welcomes new authors who are prepared to share their adventures in time, space and beyond with our eager readers.

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