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Literary / Contemporary

Last month's featured books

  • Windows on the Abyss by K. M. Hartmann

    Windows on the Abyss

    K. M. Hartmann

    Price: £6.74 - Saving £2.25 (25%)

    The death of George's mother triggers in him guilt-riddled memories of the breakup of his marriage and his subsequent neglect of both wife and mother. He relates in a polyphony of voices the build-up to a series of breakdowns and...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 01/03/2013

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  • Trading Vincent Crow by D. C. J. Wardle

    Trading Vincent Crow

    D. C. J. Wardle

    Price: £6.74 - Saving £2.25 (25%)

    Vince Crow had heard somewhere that you could trade a piece of useless junk on the internet and, within a year of swapping it for better and better things, get cool stuff. Crow decided that he himself was going to...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 01/01/2013

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  • American Redemption by Richard Wilson

    American Redemption

    Richard Wilson

    Price: £7.49 - Saving £2.50 (25%)

    This is a compelling personal narrative of a young man consumed by ambition. The story contrasts humor and grief, explores how death impacts individual lives, and reveals how excessive greed brings ruin in its wake. Sex and fidelity are mixed...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 01/12/2012

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The month before's featured books

  • A Matter of Life and Death by Paul Carroll

    A Matter of Life and Death

    Paul Carroll

    Price: £6.74 - Saving £2.25 (25%)

    When advertising maverick Farren Mortimer sets up AMOLAD to bring the funeral business into the 21st century his ideas capture the public's attention as he cashes in on the new zeitgeist of conspicuous public mourning. Appointed as the government's 'bereavement...
    Format: Paperback  -  Released: 01/11/2012

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About this genre

This is the category for writers with serious literary ambition, aspiring to be the new Zadie Smith or Martin Amis.

Lovewriting lets you discover new literary authors, and allows you to download free opening extracts from their books to sample.