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Unpublished Authors


Never before have there been so many ways to publish your book.
In some ways, technology has made ‘self-publishing’ much easier (and cheaper) but, as so often happens, the resulting maze of choices can be daunting.

Lovewriting aims to offer potential authors a book clear, authoritative guidance through the publishing and marketing process, providing authors with:

  • advice about publishing and self-publishing
  • and then, once ready for sale, marketing tools to publicise your book to a wider public (as well as your own friends and contact base)

Promoting your book

At Lovewriting, our aim is to point you towards some of the options available to you. Then, having decided how to publish your book, Lovewriting can help you promote it.

Nearly 200,000 avid readers have subscribed to our ‘sister’ sites, Lovereading and Lovereading4kids, and beyond. Our aim is to encourage these readers to explore the self-published books on Lovewriting. Hopefully, they will find yours and buy it.

But first, you need to get your book published.

Publishing your book 

Publishing is an increasingly competitive business. ‘Mainstream’ publishers are more and more ruthless about which books they will accept. So, more and more authors are turning to forms of self-publishing, where the author pays for their book to be printed and retains complete control of the process.

Once you have found the ‘self-publishing route that suits you, and your book is ready for market, you have reached the stage where Lovewriting can help you promote it.
That is the time to find out more about our marketing tools for Published Authors.

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