One Step Ahead

by Denver Murphy

One Step Ahead

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Detective Superintendent Brandt has found the perfect murderer.


And he will use his unparalleled knowledge of how to escape detection to kill; again and again, because the people of Britain need awakening from their slumber of indifference, having been desensitised by the violence that is gripping the country.

Brandt’s going to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end when you hear footsteps behind you. He’s going to make you look twice at that stranger walking towards you.

He’s going to make you afraid for your own safety and those around you.

Or he’s going to kill you.

But DCI Stella Johnson believes she can catch him. There is no such thing as a perfect murderer; everyone makes mistakes. The crime scenes may be lacking evidence, but each one tells its own story.

Aided by her young protege PC McNeil, and with their personal chemistry growing as fast as their working relationship, can she separate the murders’ facts from Brandt’s fiction to uncover the person behind these killings?

One Step Ahead takes the classic cat and mouse tale and flips it on its head. The intrigue behind Brandt’s dramatic descent into criminality, and Johnson’s determination to change the game, has captivated readers with its fascinating characters and compelling plot.

N.B. Formerly published under the title: Gamekeeper Turned Poacher.

Book Info

Denver Murphy Author: Denver Murphy

Title: One Step Ahead
Publication Date: 07-04-2018
Publisher: Denver Murphy
Genre: Crime/Mystery
Format: epub

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