A Lion's Roar

by Sonia Rosenblatt

A Lion's Roar

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A Lion’s Roar: Fear, Courage and Whispers of Change is the true story of a woman who, despite feeling afraid and alone, voluntarily left a life she knew for one of self-discovery in the wilds of Africa. It would be a lion that would change her life forever.

At thirty-seven years old, Sonia Rosenblatt was worn down by city life. Boyfriends and friends had come and gone. Single, lonely, unfulfilled, unemployed and battling frequent bouts of crippling anxiety, she knew she had to make change. This fiercely honest memoir, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the southern African bushveld, recounts Sonia’s experience of self-discovery.

A Lion’s Roar: Fear, Courage and Whispers of Change chronicles Sonia’s experiences volunteering at wildlife reserves in South Africa and Botswana. The grittiness of conservation, and the vast untamed wilderness challenged her strength and resilience at every turn, while the relationships she formed and the wild animals she cared for allowed her to find herself in the most unexpected of places. Finally, an unexpected encounter with a lion changed Sonia’s life forever.

Divided into six captivating chapters, Sonia begins by describing her upbringing in a close-knit Jewish community in Dublin, of moving to a large secondary school at the age of twelve, an environment that would unhinge the steady foundations upon which her life had been built. She describes why years later, she moved to London and then to Toronto where harassment in the workplace plagued her and only exacerbated her debilitating anxiety. Sonia yearned to be unshackled from a life that had completely derailed off the path she had set herself. Through a series of serendipitous events, Sonia touched down in Johannesburg to become a volunteer on wildlife reserves in South Africa and Botswana for twelve weeks.

Sonia shares her battle with anxiety and vulnerability with unflinching intimacy. She discovers that she can handle situations and overcome her fears far better than she could ever have imagined. Sonia takes us through the daily life of a volunteer, sometimes in remote places, showing what it is like to have one’s life stripped back and unadorned – so far removed from the life she knows. Finally, Sonia describes how she went back to her grey life under grey skies and endured harassment in the workplace, debilitating anxiety and more bouts of depression. That was until she was ready to listen to the message that the lion had willed her to hear years earlier. When Sonia finally starts to listen, her life begins to change, a life that would move her towards a greater alignment with who she really is.

This memoir, A Lion’s Roar: Fear, Courage and Whispers of Change is an essential read for anyone who feels stuck in their lives and for those who are afraid to take that first step. This story will inspire readers to find the strength within themselves.

Book Info

Title: A Lion's Roar
ISBN: 9781527223530
Publication Date: 06-05-2018
Publisher: Sonia Rosenblatt
Genre: Biography/Autobiography
Format: pdf

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