The Inverannan Assignment

by David Keachie

The Inverannan Assignment

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Lost soul and less-than-committed journalist Adam Darnow travels to London to embark on a fledgling career in the capital. Immediately sent back to Scotland with two colleagues and instructions to produce an advertising piece, they end up entangled in the machinations of the ominously ambitious Inverannan Estate owner and possible gangster, Galloglas.

Meanwhile, his oddly behaved colleague, Simon Conner is there for his own reasons and with a whole lot less luck. Leaving Adam and Emma, Simon has dreams of making a fortune, which all depends on the quality of advice from his erstwhile friends in London.

Set out fascinatingly with flashback chapters entwined with the main narrative, The Inverannan Assignment is a stunning, fast moving fusion of dark comedy, crime and mystery, keeping readers guessing to the end.

“An extraordinary piece of fiction”

“Violent, intriguing and often funny as hell”

“Brilliant fun, start to finish”

Book Info

David Keachie Author: David Keachie

Title: The Inverannan Assignment
ISBN: 9781983223594
Publication Date: 22-05-2018
Publisher: David Clark Keachie
Genre: Humour
Format: epub

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