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LoveWriting | The Logan Prophecy by Michael Downie | Self-Published Book Reviews and Feedback

The Logan Prophecy

by Michael Downie

The Logan Prophecy

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In the far future, the human race is in jeopardy. The leader of the largest religion in the galaxy, consumed by a lust for power, is engineering a parasite that will mutate and kill billions. Caught up in the attempts to stop him are his closest aide, the heads of the galactic government, an off-world miner and his young daughter, who will all be forced to choose what they hold dear to keep the galaxy safe.

Book Info

Author: Michael Downie

Title: The Logan Prophecy
ISBN: 9781982980443
Publication Date: 01-06-2018
Publisher: Michael Downie
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: mobi
Reviewer Rating:
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