The MANScript

by Julia Keys and Jacqui Coles

The MANScript

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The MANScript is the ultimate guide to surviving and thriving after infidelity by Julia Keys (ex-wife of TV presenter Richard Keys) and Jacqui Coles. There is a script to infidelity, it's repeated time and time again, and this book will help you identify that script....and more. This is NOT a man-bashing book, the aim is to help those who have been cheated on to feel empowered rather than weakened by their experiences. Filled with real life testimonials, The MANScript will help you navigate the tumultuous times to come out stronger and happier.

Book Info

Title: The MANScript
ISBN: 9781999805333
Publication Date: 01-05-2018
Publisher: Hashtag Press
Genre: Self Help
Format: epub

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