Was This in the Plan?

by Stephanie Nimmo

Was This in the Plan?

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In 2004 Stephanie Nimmo was a career-focused, suburban mother of three, happily married to the love of her life, Andy. In December that year their fourth child was born and life as Steph knew it changed dramatically. From having to give up a successful career to care for her fragile, life-limited daughter, to learning how to cope with the challenges of her sons' autism diagnoses and the cruel blow of Andy's terminal cancer, Steph learned very early on that it's not the cards you are dealt in life but how you play them. Far from being a misery memoir, Was This In The Plan?, is a frank, open and no-holds-barred account of how a family was determined not just to survive but to thrive when the odds were against them. It will make you question your own attitude to life and how you choose to respond when unexpected events throw you off course. From a family of six to four in just over a year, losing her husband to cancer and then 14 months later, her 12-year-old daughter Daisy, following life-long illness, Stephanie writes with such powerful, raw honesty that it is impossible to not be moved and inspired by her story. Resilience is a hot topic right now and Steph is the epitome of inner strength. A regular in the press opening up the conversation about death and grief.

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Stephanie Nimmo Author: Stephanie Nimmo

Title: Was This in the Plan?
ISBN: 9780995780620
Publication Date: 12-09-2017
Publisher: Hashtag Press
Genre: Biography/Autobiography
Format: epub

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profile pic GLENDA WORTH  
Added: 16-07-2018
Heart wrenching, no holds barred story of strength and determination

Was this in the plan by Stephanie Nimmo was read by myself in one session. I found once started I could not put it down, even though tears were streaming down my face for most of the time. A truly heart wrenching story of life with four children all with their own complications and a husband who although was a brilliant supportive father, became ill and had to fight his own demons.

Stephanie managed to stay strong throughout the illness of her youngest, dealing with endless hospital visits and medication, whilst also being there for her sons both diagnosed with autism, and trying to keep life normal for her daughter who was growing up fast.

I applaud Stephanie for her strength her down to earth approach to life and her support for Andy the love of her life who suffered terminal cancer. Stephanie has written this book in such a way that it seems positive even amongst all the tragedy happening around her. I admire how Stephanie has managed to write everything down in such an easy to read format, even the medical terminology can be understood. Where the energy has come from to write her blog, and this book plus continue her running I do not understand! This book makes me realise how lucky I have been and still am to have healthy children and grandchildren. Their problems are nothing compared to what has been described in this book. I wish Stephanie luck for the future, she certainly deserves it!

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