A Girl Behind Dark Glasses

by Hashtag Press

A Girl Behind Dark Glasses

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From a darkened world, bound by four walls, a young woman called Jessica tells the tale of her battle against the M.E Monster. The severest form of a neuro immune disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis went to war with her at just 15 years old. From beneath her dark glasses, Jessica glimpses a world far different from the one she remembers as a teenage school girl. This true story follows her path as she ends up living in hospital for years with tubes keeping her alive. This harrowing story follows the highs and lows of the disease and being hospitalised, captured through her voice activated technology diary called `Bug' that enables her to fulfil her dream of one day becoming an author. It provides a raw, real-time honesty to the story that would be impossible to capture in hindsight.

Book Info

Hashtag Press Author: Hashtag Press

Title: A Girl Behind Dark Glasses
ISBN: 978-1-9998053-
Publication Date: 03-07-2018
Publisher: Hashtag Pressa
Genre: Biography/Autobiography
Format: acsm

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